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  • 1Q, 2020 - "The Crash Chronicles, Vol. I: The Four Horsemen of the Financial Apocalypse?"
  • 2H, 2019 - "The Pre-Crash Chronicles, Vol. 1: How to Invest Sanely in an Insane Market"
  • 4Q, 2018 - 1Q, 2019 - "Why Financial Markets Really Crash, and Why You Should Care"
  • 3Q, 2018 Addendum - "Follow Up on Stock Market Prospects"
  • 3Q, 2018 - "John Smith - The Reason I Do What I Do"
  • 1Q-2Q, 2017 - "Don't Let Portfolio ROT Lead You to Play Financial Russian Roulette"
  • 4Q, 2016 - "What Trump Means for Your Financial Future"
  • 4Q, 2016 - (Abbreviated Version)
  • 3Q, 2016 - "The Difference between Being 'wrong,' 'Wrong' and 'WRONG' and What it Means for Successful Investing"
  • 2Q, 2016 - "Investing in a Post-Brexit World"
  • 3Q, 2015 - "In Defense of Being Defensive"
  • 2Q, 2015 - "The Five-Level Pyramid of Investing Success"
  • 1Q, 2015 - "The 'Bizarro' Economy"
  • 4Q, 2014 - "2014 Year in Review – AKA Annus Horribilis"
  • 3Q, 2014 - "On the Confounding Simplicity of Investing"
  • 2Q, 2014 - "Meditations on the Role of Skill, Luck and Gambling as They Relate to Investing"
  • 1Q, 2014 - "1Q 2014 – Now for the Ugly"
  • 4Q, 2013 - "The Case for Diversification Gets Stronger"
  • 3Q, 2013 - "The Tale of Two Economies"
  • 2Q, 2013 - "Investing in Light of a Bimodal Future"


A Case for Currencies


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  • Top Traders Unplugged (Podcast) - Mark Whitmore talks about the genesis of Whitmore Capital Management and his view on the currency asset class (published November, 2014).




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